Photos of Victim

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Photos of Victim


My mom paralyzed after the stent implant.

A bedsore which developed despite multiple complaints to the staff of back pain.

Bedsore is getting worse and won't heal.

Mom after a fall at the nursing facility. She lost two front teeth and severly brised her lip and hurt her back.

Closeup of lost teeth and bruised lip.

Lost teeth in her hand..

This time her arm was cut from it getting caught between the wheelchair and the door while being carlessly wheeled into the bathroom.


Bruised hand. Again her hand got caught in the doorway while being wheeled by a nurse.


Bedrail injury. Mom's leg is repeatedly injured against the lower rail of her bed due to the staff carlessly putting her into the wheelchair.


Another injury caused by the lower bedrail.

Closeup of warning alarm designed to warn nurses if the patient tries to get up.

Alarm is not connected to her as usual.

Injured knee from a fall trying to make it to the bathroom. Often the staff doesn't come for hours forcing them to go in their pants.

Another knee injury.

Yet another.

Left knee injury.

More injuries.

Multiple scars on leg from nurses not taking care when putting her into the wheelchair.

My mother before the incident. Next to her is my father before his untimely death. He was murdered.